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Why I Became a Chiropractor

Chiropractor Springfield, Dr. Rachael BeverageMost chiropractors have a personal experience with chiropractic that prompts them to choose it as a career. Dr. Rachael Beverage is no exception. Her decision to become a chiropractor can be traced back to her teenage years.

“Being a teenager is hard enough,” remembers this Springfield chiropractor. “I was also plagued with this pain at the base of my neck. I’d always had an aversion to pills, and medicines in general, so I was reluctant to take them. Thankfully an opportunity occurred that changed my life.”

That opportunity? It was a patient appreciation event held by a chiropractor in Maryville.

A patient appreciation day is a practice event often held by chiropractors. Sometimes it’s held on September 18th, the anniversary of the first chiropractic adjustment back in 1895. It’s a way to thank current patients and introduce chiropractic care to a friend or loved one.

“I was a little afraid at first,” confesses Dr. Rachael. “I didn’t know what to expect. But within seconds my pain simply disappeared. Gone. I was surprised, amazed and curious—all at the same time.”

That curiosity prompted her to research chiropractic and investigate chiropractic colleges.

“I decided that after I completed my undergraduate work at Northwest Missouri State that I would enroll in the Palmer College of Chiropractic in Iowa,” says Dr. Rachael. “It’s the oldest chiropractic college and some of the finest chiropractors in the world received their training there.”

Since then she has learned other ways to become as healthy as possible. These are often lifestyle habits, nutritional choices and strategies that avoid drugs.

“For some reason, I’ve always been suspicious of drugs. I’ve never been confident about the ingredients. It’s sickening. Literally.”

As a relatively new chiropractor in Springfield, Dr. Rachael offers the most up to date chiropractic protocols. Plus, she uses the newest techniques based on the latest research.

Have you tried chiropractic? If not, you may not know what it feels like to feel…normal. Give us a call and experience it first hand. It might even cause you to change careers.


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