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Overdrafts and Your Health Checking Account

Piggy bankFrom time to time we’ll have a patient who decides to discontinue their chiropractic care. Which in our mind is like one day deciding to stop brushing and flossing your teeth. Or choosing not to bathe. Or to swear off haircuts.

It’s probably human nature. Most of us seem more motivated to get well then to stay well.

“I think our health is a lot like a checking account,” says Dr. Rachael. “We make deposits by the healthy decisions we make. And then we make withdrawals when we’re stressed, overdo it in the garden, don’t get enough sleep or overindulge our favorite junk food.”

This give and take is a natural part of life. However, if we’re not mindful we run the risk of an overdraft.

“An overdraft means you don’t have enough cash to cover the checks you’ve written,” continues Dr. Rachael. “Not only are overdrafts expensive, you have to replenish your account as soon as possible. You’re going to need some overtime, start a side hustle or sell something. When our body is experiencing a “health overdraft,” we get sick. Or experience pain.”

A wiser strategy would be to do what’s necessary to reduce the chance of an overdraft.

“That’s why I encourage our Springfield chiropractic patients to embrace some type of ongoing maintenance and wellness care,” smiles Dr. Rachael. “It’s like topping off your checking account then starting a savings account. It’s an investment in you. By doing that with your health you’re less likely to get sick.”

It may seem a bit strange to come in for a chiropractic adjustment when you’re feeling great. Yet we have more and more patients opting to do just that. How frequently they do so just depends on their stress level. Once our patients start feeling better they have a new appreciation for what “normal” feels like. By listening to your body it will tell you when it’s time to come in and see us.

What’s your body saying these days? If it’s talking to you, be sure to listen. If you ignore it, be ready for it to start shouting!


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