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Chiropractic Adjustments: Light Force vs. Manual

Female getting chiropractic adjustmentThere is a lot of different chiropractic adjusting techniques. They generally fall into one of two categories. There’s the “low force” category or the “manual” category. We use both approaches in our northern Springfield chiropractic practice.

“I’m often asked which approach is better?” smiles Dr. Beverage. “But it just depends on how you define better. Each one has its place. It’s why I’m proficient in a wide variety of different adjusting protocols.”

Low Force Adjusting Techniques

A small hand instrument is often used when delivering low force adjustments. This allows the energy of the adjustment to be more concentrated. Plus, an instrument is often more consistent from one adjustment to another.

  • Less force is required
  • Avoids twisting and turning
  • Patients often report less soreness
  • Rarely produces the “popping” sound
  • Patient positioning is less important

We will often use low force instrument adjusting with our youngest and oldest patients. Low force adjusting improves accuracy and often shortens visit times.

Traditional Manual Adjusting

Traditional manual adjusting continues to be the favored approach. The results for which chiropractic is famous have relied on the well-trained hands of chiropractors.

  • Greater sensitivity to spinal “tone”
  • Tailor the ideal amount of force needed
  • No parts to break down or fail
  • Better feedback of released spinal tension
  • No substitute for the human touch

As you can see, each adjusting approach has its pros and cons.

“Because both approaches are equally effective, it often comes down to patient preference,” says Dr. Beverage. “Since patient comfort is so important at Rooted Family Chiropractic, I’ll often ask our newest patients if they have a preference. Especially if they’ve been to other chiropractors.”

Regardless of the technique, if you’re overdue for a chiropractic check up, give us a ring. Let’s get you on the schedule. And if you’re not yet a patient, let’s change that.


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